Photo Restoration

Precious memories last forever. Unfortunately, photographs do not.  Photographs capture a moment of time to keep those memories alive.


I can help you preserve the past for your future family members by repairing the damage and providing new prints and digital files that you can send to other family members and archive them for future generations to come.


No matter what the problem is with your photo, I have likely seen it before, and I am sure I can fix it.


•   Faded photos

•   Torn edges

•   Creases

•   Tears

•   Stains and spills

•   Years of wear

•   Or maybe you just wanted cropped & enhanced



Turn the old into the new

Do you have photo albums full of photos that are faded or torn from generations of use?  


The artifacts left by your ancestors are important to pass on to future generations, but time and improper conditions can take a toll. Bring them me and we will give them a facelift before they become unviable.